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Meeting Minutes, Annual Budget Documents, Official Code of Ordinances & All Zoning Permit Applications

Zoning Permits


Introduction to the Chimney Rock Village Permitting Process:

Provided below is a list of permits for use as part of the Zoning for Chimney Rock Village.  In most cases, only one permit will be required. Yet, there are special circumstances where addendum applications may be requested and required.



  • Contact the Zoning Administrator prior to initiating any activity that may require a zoning review or some type of zoning permit.  Any necessary fees must be paid in advance before any reviews begin.

  • All permit applications have fees associated with them that must be paid at the time of the application. If a hearing or variance request is necessary, there may be additional fees required. 

  • Please be aware: Depending on the type of permit requested, time frames for the entire process -  from receipt, consideration, and final approvals -  may take 4-6 weeks.  

  • There is usually a minimum of 4-6 weeks for basic compliance requests. That time frame can be longer for applications requiring a public hearing or for more complex and detailed zoning compliance matters.

  • Note that the Rutherford County Building Inspection Department will not issue a building permit until your project/activity has been approved by Chimney Rock Village and the correct Zoning Compliance Permit has been approved.

For Additional Information, call or email the Zoning Administrator, Stephen G Duncan, (828) 777-5718  Email 

 Links to Zoning Permit Applications

If you are uncertain what type of permit you may need or you want to know the costs and process involved with a particular permit application, start here.


Permit Applications and All Zoning Maps:


Rutherford County Building Inspection Department  (External Link)

270 N Toms St
Rutherfordton, NC  28139
(828) 287-6035 
(828) 287-6338 (fax)

Clicking the following link redirects to AmLegal, where all of the

Chimney Rock Village Ordinances are codified and searchable:



Budget Documents

2024-2025 Village Budget

2022-2023 Village Budget


2020-2021 Village Budget

2019-2020 Village Budget


Council Meeting Minutes

2023-2024 Village Council Minutes

2021-2022 Village Council Minutes

2020 Village Council Minutes


Planning Board Minutes

2023-2024 Planning Board Minutes

2021-2022 Planning Board Minutes

2020 Planning Board Minutes

Village Comprehensive Plan

2011 Comprehensive Plan

Information & Application to Rent the Gathering Place (The Barbara T. Meliski Amphitheater)

Description & Various Appropriate Uses

Guidelines & Application Rental Form

To Pay for Permit Fees, Send Checks and the Application to:

Chimney Rock Village
P.O. Box 300

Chimney Rock, NC  28720
ATTN: Zoning Permits

Questions: Email us

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