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Village Services

As a service to its citizens, Chimney Rock Village provides its code of ordinances and regulations online. Codification is a process of organizing and arranging all legislation of a general and permanent nature into a Code, also known as a “Code of Ordinances.”

Municipal services refer to the services that citizens of Chimney Rock Village receive in exchange for the taxes they pay. These Village Services are outlined below:

The village's drinking water comes from a large well at the end of Terrace Drive in Chimney Rock Village.

Beginning in the Spring of 2024, James and James Environmental operate the water system. They invoice, collect for water use, and coordinate water connections. They read meters, address questions or issues, and respond to damage, water line breaks, and any immediate needs. They make all required reports to the State of North Carolina and are licensed in North Carolina for the operation of private and public water systems.

Sewer rates are invoiced and collected by the Town of Lake Lure for any customers in Chimney Rock Village who are connected to the sewer system. 

Beginning in July 2024, sewer customers who are within the Village municipal limits or connected west of the Geneva Motor Court will receive a Chimney Rock general maintenance fee. The fee will be in addition to the treatment fee charged by the Town of Lake Lure.

The fees are as follows: 

  • Residential, general retail, and rentals with less than 3 units: $5 per month

  • Multi-family units and lodging with 4 to 9 units: $15 per month

  • Lodging of 10+ units and restaurants: $20 per month. Grease Traps must be operational and are subject to inspection by the village-authorized management firm, James and James Environmental, or the Health Department.


Applications for water or sewer service:

Complete and send to Stephen G Duncan, Administrator

P.O. Box 300

Chimney Rock, NC 28720

They can also be submitted via email. Please allow up to 14 days for consideration. Connection fees are $1,500 for a water tap and $ 2,000 for a sewer tap. 


Currently, auto-draft is unavailable. Cash, check, or money orders are accepted. and payable to CHIMNEY ROCK VILLAGE, 3801 Asheville Highway, Hendersonville, NC 28791. Any late fees or fees for checks with insufficient funds apply. 


More information: 

Routine questions or needs during regular business hours: (828) 697-0063

EMERGENCY or after-hours: (828) 674-8171. 

Village Administration:  Stephen Duncan, (828) 777-5718.

Please contact Stephen G Duncan at (828) 777-5718 or at

Chimney Rock Village provides and pays for the cost of recycling services to village residents. Recyclables and regular trash are picked up on Wednesdays. You may use your own recycling bin or purchase one from the village. Businesses must arrange for their own recycling and trash pick up.  
Trash and recycling
Nelon Garbage service
Michael Nelon
This is for residents only
Household garbage only-no yard waste

FIRE PROTECTION: (For all emergencies, call 911)
Chimney Rock Village has an incorporated fire department that works closely with all other departments in the county. The village maintains up-to-date equipment and fire trucks.

The Rutherford County Sheriff's Department provides our primary law enforcement protection. They have a mutual aid agreement with the Town of Lake Lure.
The Lake Lure Police Department's non-emergency number is 828-625-4685, and the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department's number is 828-287-6247.

Emergency management services are provided through Rutherford County EMS. Learn more about Rutherford County EMS.

Northland Cable provides cable services - (828) 245-1633
Chimney Rock Village has limited Wi-Fi in several parts of the Village. AT&T, SkyRunner, Pangea, and others offer Internet Services for your home or business.

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