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Your Village Mayor & Council 


Peter O' Leary
(828) 625-2479

Village Administrator
Stephen G. Duncan
(828) 777-5718

Mayor Pro Tem
April Schick
(321) 506-1720

Bayou Billy Robson


Bruce Godzik



Buck Mileski


Village Planning Board

Barbara Meliski. Chair. 

Danny Holland    

Don Cason

Village Council & Planning Bd. Graphics (1).png

Ann Gaskey

Nick Sotile

Form of Government in Chimney RockVillage

The form of government in Chimney Rock Village is Mayor-Council. Its corporate name is Chimney Rock Village. The name of the governing board is called Council Members.
There are five members. The Mayor is a Council member chosen by the board at the organizational meeting after each election.
Governing board members serve four-year staggered terms. The board members are elected at large. Elections are non-partisan, and the results are determined by plurality, with the person or persons receiving the highest number of votes elected to the open seat(s).
The Village Council elects one of the Council members to serve as the Mayor, and the Mayor serves at the pleasure of the Village Council. There is no term of office for the Mayor. The mayor is a regular voting member of the Council and votes on all matters.
The form of administration used in the village is through an administrator and staff who report to the Mayor and Council. ​
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