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Chimney Rock Village

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Engineering Design, Permitting, Bid Assistance,

and Construction Management Services

November 10, 2023



Project Overview:

Chimney Rock Village has been awarded $7,760,000 for utility improvements in North Carolina S.L. 2023-134. This project involves the replacement of the gravity sewer line along the Rocky Broad River, other sewer lines to be determined and associated appurtenances. The project area is located within the Chimney Rock Village municipal limits.


The Village is requesting responses to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) seeking qualified applicants who can provide the engineering, permitting assistance, bidding services, and contract administration services and assistance with grant administration for the implementation of the Sanitary sewer system improvements project. The project must be administered in compliance with all state statutes and any applicable federal regulations. Payment terms will be negotiated with the selected firm.


Scope of Work:

The project involves replacing designated gravity sewer lines, manholes and others associated appurtenances as determined in the preliminary planning phase.  A majority of the gravity sewer line follows the Rocky Broad River and US 64 in Chimney Rock Village. Customer collection service lines will also be corrected and/or expanded within the geographic areas where these may be or are already serviced by the Village’s primary sewer main.


Engineering services shall include, but are not limited to, standard tasks necessary for the implementation of the project in conformance with NCDEQ and NCDWR compliance. This includes preliminary engineering and cost estimates, surveying, potential environmental documentation, engineering design and permitting, bid documents, construction observation, project closeout and assistance with grant administration as follows:


  1. Preparing and obtaining approval of  engineering reports if required by the funding agency prior to the Release Funds.

  2. Upon the Release of Funds, the following scope of work is required:

  3. Preparing the final design and construction bid package in conformance with applicable regulations and requirements.

  4. Supervising the bid advertising, tabulation, and award process, including preparing the advertisements for bid solicitations, conducting bid opening, and issuing the notice to proceed.

  5. Conducting the pre-construction conference.

  6. On-site observation of construction work and preparing field observation reports.

  7. Reviewing and approving all contractor requests for payment, change orders, and submitting approved requests to the governing body.

  8. Providing reproducible plan drawings to the Village upon project completion.

  9. Submitting certified "as-built" drawings to appropriate authorities

Submission Requirements:

RFQ submissions must include at a minimum:


  1. Firm and/or Individual Information: firm's legal name, address, email, and telephone number, the principal(s) of the firm, proposed project manager and their experience and qualifications.


  1. Wastewater Collection System Design: Experience and technical competence of the staff to be assigned to the project with respect to wastewater collection system improvements or related work, description of firm's prior experience, including size of community, location, total construction cost, and names of local officials knowledgeable regarding the firm's performance on related work. Include at least three references within the past seven years.


  1. Firm Capacity and Capability: The capacity and capability of the firm to perform the work in question, including specialized services, within the period of the grant, the past record of performance of the firm with respect to such factors as, quality of work, ability to meet schedules, control of costs, description of firm's current work activities, and firm's anticipated availability during the term of the project.

  2. Firm Past Experience and Knowledge of the Chimney Rock Village Infrastructure System.

  3. Documentation of compliance with state and federal debarment/eligibility requirements.

Qualification Evaluation Criteria:

Submissions will be evaluated per the following factors:

  • Experience and Qualifications of firm and the personnel to be assigned to this project   - 35 points (35%)


  • Firm’s Capacity to meet the project schedule and coordinate with Construction and community - 10 points (10%)


  • Firm’s Knowledge and Experience with the existing Chimney Rock Water and Sewer System - 30 points (30%)


  • Firm’s experience with DWI funding, and permitted by NCDEQ and other similar agencies -  25 points (25%) 


Upon completion of proposal review and scoring the project review committee will make a recommendation to the Chimney Rock Village Council for approval to negotiate a contract for Engineering Services with the selected firm.


Contract Award:

Once the most qualified firm is selected, a contract shall be executed for engineering services as described and required and the award for the proposed project. Contracts executed for engineering services shall be contingent upon the Release of Funds and Funding Conditions.


Submittal Information:

Proposals should be submitted in digital formats to the Village Administrator December 15, 2023, by 4:00pm (close of business day):


Stephen G. Duncan – Village Administration

Chimney Rock Village

P.O. Box 300

Chimney Rock, NC  28720



The Chimney Rock Village is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites the submission of proposals from small and minority and women-owned firms, historically underutilized businesses, and certified/registered Section 3 businesses concerns.


Date: November 20, 2023  Authorized Representative: Stephen G Duncan; Administration and Finance

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