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May 1, 2024

RE:  Setback Variance Request for Lot 5 and Lot 6, known as 125 / 137 Fall Creek Drive, Chimney Rock, North Carolina, and Village Zoning and Public Hearings

This notice is to notify you, as an adjacent property owner, of a request for a setback variance from the property owner of 125/137 Fall Creek Drive, Lots 5 and 6, as shown on the subdivision plat for The Falls at Chimney Rock.  The request is for a variance of up to 50% of the stated setbacks per the Village Zoning Ordinances as applied to properties zoned Low Residential.  These setbacks per ordinance are stated as 15-foot side, 20-foot front, and back setbacks.  Due to the location of the 
Rocky Broad River onto the property, the North Carolina Trout Stream buffers impact these two lots.  Therefore, the owner is requesting the two lots be combined into one single lot and that the front setback receive a variance of 10 feet and the east side setback be provided a variance of 7 ½ feet.  Thus, the front setback would be 10 feet from Fall Creek Drive and the east side would be 7 ½ feet from Lot 7.  

The Village Zoning Ordinance allows a variance to the standard setbacks up to but not to exceed 50% of the standard prescribed setbacks.  The process requires a review by the Planning Board including a public hearing.  The Planning Board recommendation will then be presented to the Village Council for their consideration. 

The Village Council will then review the application for the variance, along with any recommendations of the Planning Board, for their consideration.  The Village Council will also conduct a Public Hearing prior to their final consideration. 


You may attend either or both public hearings and upon entry, sign up to present your comments. Comments are limited to 3 minutes each.  You can also prepare a written presentation to be read into the record and maintained as part of the proceedings.  You may mail these to P.O. Box 300, Chimney Rock Village, NC 28720. Attn: Zoning; Comments can also be emailed to:

Planning Board Meeting and Public Hearing:
May 14, 2024, at 6 pm – Location 109 Terrace Drive, Chimney Rock Community Room
Village Council Meeting and Public Hearing:
May 21, 2024, at 7:pm – Location 109 Terrace Drive, Chimney Rock Community Room

For additional information:  

Stephen G Duncan, Administration & Zoning
Chimney Rock Village
(828) 777-5718 

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