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Chimney Rock Village, NC

Welcome Residents & Visitors:

Although the history of this place is literally millions of years old, our official status as a municipality didn't happen until 1991.

What can we say? The pace here isn't as much slow as it is evolving and appreciative of the value of discovery. 

As it turns out, our Chimney Rock Village Government is among only a handful of official villages in North Carolina. Most of these cool little buildings date back to the 1920s. 

Our local government oversees the operation of the Village and its services to citizens and visitors. 

The last U.S. Census counted 113 residents of Chimney Rock, all living in a total area of 2.8 square miles, encompassed by parkland, a busy Main St., thousands of acres of conserved forests, and a 360-degree view of our regal mountain vistas.  Our economy is heavily dependent upon seasonal tourism. 


Chimney Rock Village shares a border with the Town of Lake Lure, a separate municipality with its own mayor, council, and form of government. The Rocky Broad River, which winds through the Village, is a primary tributary feeding the man-made lake. The Village takes its name from a large granite outcropping located on a summit in Chimney Rock State Park.

Over the decades, the Village has emerged as the retail and visitor hub of the area in tandem with the popularity of Chimney Rock State Park and Lake Lure. Because it is a small community, the residents and business owners of the Village work mightily together on multiple community projects. 


Four Distinct Seasons, Same Small-Town Charm

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